The Road to Recovery Scholarship


 The Road to Recovery Scholarship, an idea of SandraFoundation Founder Kelvin King, is designed to provide scholarship opportunities to those who have been incarcerated and have decided to pursue a college or vocational education since being released.

"The United States of America has always been the land of second chances", says King.
"This nation became the land of second chances for millions of people who migrated here hoping for a better life. Second chances has always been the fabric of Americana. I believe there are many people out there who have paid their debts to society for prior mistakes, and continue to focus on self-improvement by pursuing higher education."

King also believes this scholarship relates to the vision of President Barack Obama, who created "My Brothers Keeper" to focus on issues affecting Black men in the US.

"Obama is the first POTUS to address institutionalized racism that exists primarily in our judicial system and society against Black men. It is no mistake that 1 out of every 3 Black youth live in poverty in NYC, the richest city in the world's richest nation. The percentage of Black men with records are disproportionately higher than men of other ethnicities. While this scholarship is open to all people, I hope this scholarship will be well utilized by young Black men."

King's belief is if you see a problem, you are morally bound to correct it. Therefore, he has decided to improve society by supporting those who choose to improve their situations.

King, through the Sandra Blake Memorial Scholarship Foundation, plans on teaming with donors by raising funds for this scholarship.

The Sandra Blake Memorial Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships to students that demonstrates financial need. More details on this scholarship coming soon.

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