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The Cadet Scholarship



The Cadet Scholarship Application Criteria

To be an eligible candidate for this scholarship, you must meet the following:

1. Be an active cadet: You must be enrolled in any participating Junior ROTC or Civil Air Patrol unit.

2. Academic Criteria: Must meet the age and academic criteria of your participating Cadet Unit. 

Your unit instructor will provide you the official scholarship application with more details.

3. Participate in a SandraFoundation Cadet Scholarship Drill Competition: Active JROTC or Civil Air Patrol cadets must first meet the academic and entry criteria to compete in our scholarship drill competitions. The academic criteria will be determined by your unit leadership team. The entry criteria will be specified on the Cadet Scholarship application. Winners of the drill competition will become recipients of the SandraFoundation Cadet Scholarship! 

​4. Application: The Cadet Scholarship Application will be provided by the Aerospace Science Instructors (Unit commanders, instructors, teachers, recruiters, etc.) of the participating cadet programs.

How to Apply

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