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The Professional Pilot Scholarship


 The Professional Pilot Scholarship is designed to provide college scholarships to students demonstrating financial need.

To be an eligible candidate for this scholarship, you must meet the following:

1. Be an active flight student: You must be enrolled in any participating colleges, universities, or flight training programs offering pilot license training.

2. Academic Criteria: Minimum age is eighteen (18). This scholarship is dedicated to aspiring professional pilots demonstrating financial need (ex: evidence that flight training costs has created personal debt). Students must have a High School Diploma or G.E.D equivalent. The recipients of this award will receive the funds during the commercial pilot practical exam (check ride) or immediately thereafter. Funds are approved as an educational expense and can be used in any way pertaining to flight training costs.​

3. Write an essay: Write an essay summarizing your flight training experience. Include specifics about your professional pilot career goals. Discuss financial need (if any) and how this scholarship can help you achieve your goals. It is tradition within the airline pilot community to mentor, support and help rising student pilots join our ranks in the same way you have been supported. Please include in your essay how you intend to mentor future student pilots as they work towards becoming airline pilots.

4. Recommendation letter required: Brief letter of recommendation from any professional pilot or staff member working at your flight training school.

How to Apply

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