the sandra foundation naomi blake family legacy memorial scholarship

The Naomi Blake Family Legacy Scholarship



The Naomi Blake Family Legacy Scholarship is designed to provide college scholarships to students demonstrating financial need.

To be an eligible candidate for this scholarship, you must meet the following:

1. Be a friend, family friend, or family member of Naomi Blake: This private scholarship is funded and managed by the family of the late Naomi Blake. You must be a family member, or recommended by a family member to be considered. If you are not a family member, please include a written recommendation by any family member to be considered for the scholarship.

2. Academic Criteria: Must present your academic transcript demonstrating a passing cumulative grade point average.  

3. Write an essay explaining the following: 1. Your relationship with Naomi Blake; 2. Good and fun memories you had with Naomi Blake; 3. Discuss ideas on how the family of Naomi Blake can better honor her memory and legacy. Please include proposals for the family to consider.

How to Apply

To learn more about this scholarship, please email Yonairis Smith by clicking the link below.

Email Yonairis